How Dragon Quest’s Battle System Evolved

Dragon Quest is often defined by being very traditional and not changing too much. While this assessment is very accurate, it's also not completely true. After all, if Dragon Quest XI looked and played exactly like Dragon Quest I, I don't think it'd be as loved as it is. Even though most of the games … Continue reading How Dragon Quest’s Battle System Evolved

How (And Why) I Got into Dragon Quest

Growing up, I didn't play a ton of RPG's. My Christian mom didn't let me play Pokémon (EVOLUTION, OH NO!), and she considered fiction that heavily featured to be witchcraft. Yes, really. Being a massive Mario fan as a kid, I did play the Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi series, so that was my … Continue reading How (And Why) I Got into Dragon Quest

Know Your Demon Lords: DQI

This is gonna be the first in a series whose name and theme you can intelligently infer. There will be spoilers, obviously, since I'll be talking about the endgames (and huge plot twists) of each respective entry. I would name them after the character(s) I'm discussing, but many of these characters' very existence is a … Continue reading Know Your Demon Lords: DQI